Thursday, September 14, 2006

Playstation 3 Gets FCC approval

It seems our good friends (who often let the cat out of the bag) at the FCC has given the golden seal of approval to the PS3 as of yesterday.

Sadly because of confidentiality agreements, the FCC filing for the PS3 - AK8CBEH1000 won't have pics of the test setup etc until October 28 2006.

I flip the bird at confidentiality agreements.

More eggheaded goodness over here

Today is Zune Day

Today is ZUNE day. Microsoft held a press event announcing the arrival of their "iPod killer" (anything-killer is irritating)

Here are a few specs for the Zune:
  • 30 GB
  • 3 Inch TFT LCD
  • Mechanical Switches for interface (you can read that as no working wheel system like the iPod it is killing *cough*)
  • FM Tuner - this is delish IMHO
  • Wireless LAN - useful to share, stream and such
It comes in black, brown and white. I wonder if these colour themes are some sort of inclusive pc scheme...
Over all I am pretty underwhelmed

Wiiiiii - finally, some juicey details

Nintendo's Press conference divulged all the (mostly) hidden details about the Wii's launch.
The retail price in Japan is going to be ~$250.00 USD
Adding some neeea-neeeea to the whole affair is that North America is set to lead the launch with Japan getting it in December...

Here are the rest of the important bits (scooped from Engadget):
Wii ¥25,000 (including tax in Japan) retail box will contain:
  • Console
  • Remote (and strap)
  • Nunchuck
  • AC adaptor
  • A/V cable
  • Console stand
  • Sensor bar and stand / mount thinger
  • Two AA batteries
  • Virtual console games will be paid by credit card of Wii points
  • NES games: ¥500 ($4.25)
  • SNES games: ¥800 ($6.80)
  • N64 games: ¥1000 ($8.50)
  • 30 Nintendo games / 30 Turbo-Grafx & Genesis games in 2006; ten new games each month thereafter
  • 16 titles from ten publishers at launch
  • ¥4,800 - ¥6,800 for new titles ($40 - $58)
  • Zelta will cost ¥6,800 ($58)
Device prices:
  • Remote: ¥3,800 ($32)
  • Classic controller: ¥1800 ($15)
  • Nunchuck: ¥1800 ($15)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hmm... Nice to be back

I was promted to get this back on track by a kind offer of technology from Nokia, Rogers and Matchstick -more on that soon.

I will be filling this space with all things tech and fun in the coming months..

Enjoy and hope to see ya'all back "real soon now"