Friday, October 06, 2006

Telstra get their HSDPA on - early

Telstra has finished rolling out its brand-spankin' new HSDPA network, the largest of its kind in the world, in a gobsmacking 10 months. The 850 MHz network, covering one quarter of the countries landmass and 98% of its population is 3 months ahead of schedule.
"This is a tremendous feat of engineering, demonstrating the versatility of the technology to reach across both metros and vast regional geographies," said Rob Conway, CEO of the GSM Association. "Scaling across one of the world's most challenging environments, this launch is positive proof that the most cost-effective and efficient way to bring high speed Internet access and other media rich services to remote rural areas is to exploit the massive investment in wireless networks already made by the global mobile industry," he added.

That is all gobbledygook for Australia is fast, is serious about fast, and have rough terrain. We like them for that - plus they use the same frequency we will use here in Canada. How shameful that Australia has Doc Martin 50 hole boots compared to us just learning how to put on sandals over here. I need a longer string for my "office to home" phone.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Virgin Mobile's Lobster 700TV - Wins best mobile phone name - ever.

Ok, that they won is a lie, but it does deserve the moniker AND it is quite hideous. It reminds me of half of a Nokia 6600's ugly stepchild.
If you can get past the face, the Lobster 700TV does have a decent feature set with things like:
  • Windows Mobile 5 for Smartphone
  • DAB-IP
  • QVGA screen
  • 1.3MP camera
  • microSD
What is DAB-IP? Digital Audio Broadcasting, DAB-IP is a system to deliver video over DAB. It is just too bad that the first handset to do it is this evil red-clawed monster, aka the HTC Monet. We really love you High Tech Computer Corp, but stop with the freaky designs.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sony Ericsson sets its sights on being one of the big 3

Sony Ericsson plans to be one of the top 3 cell phone companies said company CEO Miles Flint in a newspaper interview. 5 years ago a newly founded and very ambitious Sony Ericsson planned to be number one by this year, but seem to have fallen a wee bit short. Perhaps the Sony Ericsson store opening in London next week will help to boost sales and help preach the word.

Nokia is number one with 33.5, Motorola is number 2 22.22 percent and Samsung number 3 with 11.2 percent. Sony Ericsson has a small 6.7 percent slice of the pie.

The easy way for them to get this done is to just give me phones - lots of them.
Oh yeah, way to be inspired to greatness there SE... shoot for 3rd.

This week will be a hellish one..

I hope to get something up in the a.m, again at lunch and once I get home... I know nobody reads this but me - but still... I am dedicated to it.