Saturday, September 30, 2006

BenQ Siemens Black Box concept phone is gorgeous

Though BenQ Siemens have closed German operations - it seems thing are still alive and well elsewhere, even if that elsewhere is only a design team. The idea behind this micro-thin candybar phone is the touchscreen inteface. Peeking at the interface we can see (in our phone-loving hopeful dreams) icons for phone functions, gaming, radio, camera, and apparently the little icon in the bottom left can make snow.
This beautiful bit of concept phone received an iF Design Award China 2006 award(Quite a mounthful).
I wonder what the people at Apple think? This is what the next-gen iPod is expected to look like.
While I don't have any hopes that this will end up at the local Cingular shop - ideas like this just make me excited and drooley.

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The Ramblers said...

This phone is beautiful! I'm getting this phone!